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jigsaw puzzle

jigsaw puzzle


Puzzle production and printing - ELLI print Ltd.

ELLI print is the top Czech producer of attractive jigsaw puzzles to be used as effective advertisment, for presentation of sights, hotels, centres of tourism etc. We supply toy shops, souvenier shops, gift shops, stationaries etc.

Puzzle for advertising

Puzzle for advertising

Do you need attractive prizes for consumer competitions, compelling New Year's wishes, gifts for your business partners or fair visitors or do you only want to reward your employees?

We have got for you a really useful tool for branding, development and support of your trademark. Our puzzles are individually printed from received composition. There is a possibility for enclosing artwork or advertising flyers or some other kind of promotional matter or for special production at various non-typical sizes and shapes. Find out more >

Puzzle for tourist business

Puzzle for tourist business

Do you run or possess a castle, a zoo, a museum, a hotel, an information centre, a sight-seeing coach or perhaps a pleasure boat?

We can provide proffesionally made jigsaw puzzles on your request. For instance from photos, slides, or digital photos. The puzzles will attract visitors and children or even their parents will certainly like them. Special offer: in profitable series from 300 hundred pieces. Find out more >

Puzzle for your shop

puzzle pro zábavu

Do you run a toy shop, a gift shop, a souvenir shop, a stationary shop etc.?

Yes, in all these kinds of shops you can sell our attractive jigsaws, top-quality fast turnover goods with possible very high margin. Beuatiful pictures of horses, cats, dogs, cars, trains, trucks or fairy-tales etc. all of them regularly renewed. Find out more >


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e-mail: puzzle@elli.cz
phone: +420 604 278 432

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