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Jigsaw puzzle packing

We can pack jigsaw puzzles in a few very attractive ways

Advertising jigsaw puzzles on board

jigsaw puzzles on board

One of the most common ways how to pack advertising jigsaw puzzles. They are also very popular and suitable for puzzles of towns, cities, castles, hotels etc. A composite jigsaw puzzle is set on a three-layer corrugated board (of the same size as the puzzle) and then packed in contracting foil. This is the cheapest, but very popular solution. To make the puzzle look even more attractive, an advertising or artwork flyer can be enclosed to each puzzle on the reverse side to cover the board.

Advertising jigsaw puzzles in blister pack

jigsaw puzzles in blister pack

Hot new, very attractive and successful. This kind of packing is the children's most popular one. It is practical (puzzles can be again and again placed into it) and withal very good-looking. Into blister we currently pack puzzles for tourist business and for shops.

Advertising jigsaw puzzles in plastic bag

jigsaw puzzles in plastic bag

Very often used for special cases, for instance it can be enclosed to some other products in boxes or magazines etc.

Advertising jigsaw puzzles in box

jigsaw puzzles in box

The most luxury design, jigsaw puzzles in very exclusive pack. Boxes of the top quality. The same you know from the worldwide most-known companies. You can be sure this product will certainly attract your customers.

Standard boxes

Currently, we have at our disposal tools for single-lined board boxes in the following sizes:

smaller box 275 × 192 × 43 mm

Tato krabice je vhodná:

  • suitable for 1 A3 300-piece-puzzle
  • also for 1, 2 or 3 A4 90-piece-puzzles
  • and of course for smaller sizes

bigger box 450 × 220 × 55 mm

  • suitable for 2 A3 300-piece-puzzles
  • Non-standard boxes

    We are skilled at producing boxes in some other sizes. Production of boxes on special request is financially acceptable for an edition of about 5000 pieces. As for imprinted boxes or boxes made of box-board, it might be even lower.

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