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Sizes jigsaw puzzle for advertising

Standard sizes of puzzle

DIN A6 - 48 puzzle-pieces (clear size 148 × 105 mm)
app. A5 - 45 puzzle-pieces (clear size 211 × 132 mm)
app. A4 - puzzle-pieces (clear size 290 × 220 mm)
DIN A3 - puzzle-pieces (clear size 420 × 297 mm)

As for standard sizes, you can reckon with common delivery time.

Other sizes (number of puzzle-pieces)

We are skilled at producing advertising jigsaw puzzles of almost any size. If the above mentioned cutting tools cannot be used for your order, please email us the intended specifications for your puzzle.

When thinking of sizes of puzzle and numbers of puzzle-pieces, please take into account recommended muximum number of puzzle-pieces for adequate sizes:

DIN A6 - 50 puzzle-pieces
DIN A5 - 80 puzzle-pieces
DIN A4 - 150 puzzle-pieces
DIN A3 - 300 puzzle-pieces
DIN A2 - 500 puzzle-pieces

Non-standard shapes of puzzle-pieces

puzzle-piece You can design any shapes of puzzle-pieces and we will make a cutting tool according to your wish.

Delivery time for non-standard sizes or for non-standard shapes of puzzle pieces jsou obvykle delší.

  If you intend to order jigsaw puzzles or have any questions, please contact us.
  E-mail: puzzle@elli.cz, phone +420 604 278 432.


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