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In marketing centre you can find some interesting information how to offer and sell jigsaw puzzles to your clients, a piece of advice concerning price policy etc.

Puzzle for advertising

question: We are an advertising agency. How to offer jigsaw puzzles to our clients?

answer: You can sell jigsaw puzzles as single advertising matter or include them in integrated marketing campaigns:

  • prizes for consumer competitions
  • gifts to business partners
  • for company anniversaries
  • worthy New Year's wishes
  • gifts for employees

question: What advantages does it bring to use jigsaw puzzles as advertising articles?

answer: Advertising puzzles became one of important tools for marketing communication. Jigsaw puzzles are perfect for so called advergaming, branding etc. When putting puzzles together and having a fun a customer automatically memorizes a trademark.

question: How to prepare graphic design for jigsaw puzzles?

answer: Design must be prepared according to conditions for composition. The topic should be associated with promoted brand, either directly with trademark or with representative product. It is not recommended to use more than two dominating features in one composition, the less text composition contains the better.

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